Sixlines is a communication agency that accompanies you throughout the development of your projects. We are based in Geneva since early 2016, after meeting at the “Atelier Roger Pfund” agency. Very soon we expressed the desire to stand on our own feet.

We invite you to follow us on :

— the contact line… we find out who you are and we get to know each other ;

— the starting line… we study your strategy and your objectives ;

— the graphic line… our communication concepts are accomplished ;

— the guideline… to ensure optimum implementation within deadlines and budget ;

— the skyline… to put any communication project into perspective over the period and to estimate its efficiency and performance ;

— without losing sight of the heart line that expresses our passion for a job well done leading towards the total satisfaction of our customers.


At the same time, we have developed an external network of partners who intervene on some of our projects requiring specific know-how.


« From Paris to Brussels via the West Indies, I have accumulated experience and gained skills in leadership of all stages of a communication project – from graphic design to the event, from project management to product launching, through strategic advice ».
Els Hoppenbrouwers 

« Creativity has always been my passion from a very young age. Drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed techniques... I like to experiment with everything. Thanks to my training as a graphic designer in the “Beaux Arts” art colleges of Toulouse and Brussels, I have gained expertise and technical skills in computer science and new media as well as photography and screen printing ».
Hélène Lattelais 


Visual identities
Creating logos, graphic charters, templates, business cards, stationery, brand signs, ... 

Print and web communication
Posters, flyers, newsletters, greeting cards, invitations, websites, providing visibility via social networks, ...

Analysis and implementation of all the elements needed to direct and guide visitors in a given space (interior and exterior).

Organisation of events to promote companies, brands, products and other festive events. Event communication.

Design and layout of annual reports, books, publications, catalogues, brochures, ...